Core Exercises for jiu-jitsu

Gepubliceerd op 13 oktober 2020 om 01:50

3rd-degree Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and fitness expert   Nicolas Gregoriades  shares his 4 favourite core exercises for jiu-jitsu.

Click on this link to watch the whole video or click on the picture below.

He starts by saying "you will never be a great jiu-jitsu player unless you have a strong core.  As jiu-jitsu practitioners we don't work our abs like bodybuilders. We are not looking to do crunches because we move in  such different ways and different angles  and vectors. We need our entire core to be strong". Nic Gregoriades is convinced that practicing these 4 exercises all together will really help strengthen your mid-section for jiu-jitsu. They include the   Jack-Knife, also known as the V-up, the   Criss-Cross   (from Pilates),  Modified  Cherry Pickers and the  tortoise. In his video Nic also gives tips on how many reps or how many seconds you should do the exercises and also pays attention to breathing correctly.